- Concorso Italiano 2001
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Concorso Italiano
Concorso Italiano 2001
August 17, 2001 - Quail Lodge Resort
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Concorso Italiano 2001

This years' features:
  • Pininfarina
  • Lamborghini
  • Vintage Ferrari

For the 16th time , the Concorso Italiano featured the best of Italian automotive heritage and future developments. This year, the features included a special Pininfarina presentation, a presentation of Automobili Lamborghini and a Concours Award for vintage Ferraris.

Concorso Italiano 2001
Ferrari 'rossa' - a Pininfarina two seater Spider concept car from 2000.
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Concorso Italiano 2001
A rare Ferrari P3.
Concorso Italiano 2001
The first Lamborghini ever produced, a 350 GTV, which debuted at the 1963 Turin Auto Show.

One of the highlights of this years' event was the attendance of Sergio Pininfarina, who choose the event at Quail Lodge to celebrate the 50th anniversary of designing automobiles for Ferrari. He entered the stage with Piero Ferrari, who is the Vice President of Ferrari S.p.A.
Concorso Italiano 2001
The last Lamborghini Miura delivered to the U.S. - in a rare but original color.
Concorso Italiano 2001
1967 Ferrari Dino Competizione.
Concorso Italiano 2001
Sergio Pininfarina (right) and Piero Ferrari at the 2001 Concorso Italiano, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the cooperation between the two companies.

But not only Ferraris and Lamborghinis occupied the green at Quail Lodge - Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Bizzarini, De Tomaso, Fiat, Iso, Lancia, Maserati, Siata and other Italian marques and designs were present as well during the 2001 event.
Concorso Italiano 2001
De Tomaso Mangusta - allowing a view of the inner features. Designed by Ghia and powered by a Ford V8 of first 4.7 litres and later 5.8 litres.
Concorso Italiano 2001
Not exactly Italian - 1970 Monteverdi 375 L from Switzerland. Designed by Frua, powered by a Chrysler V8, but produced in Basle by Peter Monteverdi.
Concorso Italiano 2001
A rare Bizzarini 5300 GT Strada. After he designed the Iso-Grifo, Giotto Bizzarini refined his concept under his own name.

Concorso Italiano 2001
Safe landing - 1956 Pegaso Z-102 Panoramica Coupe. After crossing the Atlantic twice this year, this 'winged horse' is back from the exhibition 50th Anniversary of the Pegaso in Barcelona, Spain.
Concorso Italiano 2001
1966 Lamborghini 400 GT. Even if it looks similar to the 350 GT - Touring re-designed nearly every detail of this 2+2 seater.
Concorso Italiano 2001
1947 Cisitalia 202 SC in original, unrestored condition. Piero Dusio produced these acclaimed automobiles on a Fiat based chassis with a body by Pinin Farina.

To be continued...

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